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We do what we like
We love to create high quality IT-products for you to use them effectively and for us to be proud of it.
We work since 2012
We know how to make edge cutting application or service taking into account ideas that will work for you.
We know the trends
We have solid experience in modern technologies and brightly find effectively optimized solutions related to any complexity level.
We always stay in touch
Constantly online and ready to provide any project data at any stage.
We provide after release project support
Assist with support and care for any of our projects.

process of app creation

We get the full project insight, set the application assignment, range of use, analyse technical specifications. Based on our customers’ requirements, preliminary budget estimation and time frames are set. Further we agree the costs and prepare the agreement.
1. First estimation
Here we precisely shape graphical draft for every screen application, containing all essential interface elements. The structure and models of data are set with determination of all system modules interaction and technical specifications of the realization process itself. Every single draft is coordinated by the customer. After confirmation we prepare technical assignment for the application development. We pay special attention to this stage as it influences the end product specifications.
2. Projecting
Basing on the approved drafts we implement design of screen applications, taking into account its functionalities, audience expectations, specific features and modern trends. After the design concept is confirmed by the customer we cover the rest screen applications.
3. Design
After we're done with projecting and design stages, all issues, concerning UI and functionality are solved. So at this point we can make a precise estimation of the next development stage.
4. Second estimation
Next we proceed the application codes built upon the technical assignment. This stage might contain some additional sub stages depending on the scope of works. The time frame for every sub stage including quality assurance on average is 1 month. Upon that we provide the probation version that can be installed on the devise. After this stage is completed we have a “production-version” of the application.
5. Development & Quality assurance
Here we get ready all necessary data for application publishing in the shop. Upload the product under our account and consult the customers how proceed the publication of the application independently.
6. Publishing to stores
We are involved into further product sophistication, upgrades and development of new applications.
7. Support
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we are a team of experts

CenteraSoft was founded by a couple of enthusiastic individuals with willingness to create stylish, convenient, modern and useful IT products, evoking storm of positive emotions. At the moment we are team of experts, specializing on development of high-tech native mobile applications. Every our project is a combination of modern technologies and creative ideas. We are always ready to support your business using all our potential and experience.

Our main advantage is in doing what we love and knowing how to perform high quality solutions. Basing on that we have wide range of customers and partners who keep turning to our services and our awards and references brightly testify us as pure professionals.